A Story to tell

… freedom to create…

Two independent designers, Laura and Cemal, are the main actors
behind this brand. The story started when they met each other in London.
Having a great friendship and sharing a common passion to create, they
decided to work together and established OSYLIA a year ago.

“OSYLIA is not just a jewellery brand. We love what we do with a
great passion and in harmony. It makes us who we are. We are two
independent designers working in our own friendly environment, and we
take our inspiration from modern life. We believe that coming from
different cultures gives us a certain advantage and other perspectives
on design. While creating our own brand, our goal is to combine art and
design; creations that are distinctive, unique and inspirational. Every
piece we create makes its owner feel special and exceptional."

Who we are

…start with a strong argument…

Our story started when we both moved to the UK, for different reasons.

Laura, an ambitious multidisciplinary designer, studied in Milan but had always wanted to live abroad to maximise the opportunity for different experiences.

Cemal, an award-winning Turkish designer in Istanbul moved to the UK because of his wife’s career in science and his love for her.

We met each other in a design office in London. Like all the best relationships, we started with an argument which eventually blossomed into a close friendship.

We have different backgrounds, different cultures and different stories but we have a common contemporary design culture and a common passion to create.

Perhaps more importantly, we have a great friendship, and working together means having fun and enjoying what we are doing. We love to create and share this with people because we know we are good at it.

Our artisan

OSYLIA means distinctive design and high quality.
Thus, we offer excellence to our customers in order to be unique in design and production. We create luxury; and to do this we have been working with one of the best artisans, Erhan. Having a great knowledge of jewellery with more than 25 years of experience, he produces delicately all the OSYLIA products in our atelier, and his intensive craftsmanship makes a remarkable signature on all our pieces.